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"Nothing Will Work, Until You Do"
-John Wooden

Learn the way elite athletes and performers learn. 

Commanding Performance

Performance Psychology Workbook Series

You can’t build muscle by reading about different workouts, you have to actually go to the gym and do the workouts. Similarly, mental skills cannot be built by simply reading about them, you must do the workouts to become mentally stronger.

Unlike other mental performance books, Commanding Performance takes a unique approach to teaching common and new mental skills and then providing you mental conditioning drills to improve your mental performance.  These books are like having your own sport psychologist with you at practice. They guide you through mental conditioning drills and give you Pro Tips along the way.


The Commanding Performance Workbook Series takes you through the four parts of mental conditioning drills (see below) I use when working with athletes, performers, and teams. Each content section concludes with a Scrimmage where you will be tested to see how well you have learned. 

The Commanding Performance Workbooks Series concludes with the Commanding Performance Tournament which consists of walking you through real-life situations that happen before, during, and after competitions. In each of these scenarios, you will be challenged to decide which mental skills to use and how to use them effectively. These tournaments will put you to the test to ensure that you've learned the necessary mental skills to improve your performance!


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